Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Marmie a Needle Felted Mouse in Bunting By Barby Anderson

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Story of "Rodanta"


WELCOME to the mystical magical world of "Rodanta!" As the story goes.....there is a village deep in the forest called "Rodanta." A unique and wondrous place. There live the creatures of the forest, mostly mice, however many bunnies live there too, plus a few squirrels and other creatures. The village is always watched over by the birds of the sky...... such as owls, blue jays, crows and much more. In the village is "Helen's Well of Wisdom." Many gather there to drink from that well, as the spirit of an elfin girl that roamed the forest lives there. Any one who needs to be refreshed, and receive sage advice, certainly drinks from "Helen's Well." 
Many Gnomes live near "Rodanta" and they watch over the village creatures also. It is not often one sees a Gnome though, and if you do, you are blessed with a smile on your face for life! You may see a fox or squirrel with that grin, they must have given the Gnomes a ride through the forest! When extreme danger may enter the forest, which is not often, the crow gives a warning call that gathers all of the grand owls of the forest. They will battle to the death, if need be, to protect "Rodanta." There is an "Uldra" that lives in the forest too, he can be a bit disconcerting to all, however he is pretty harmless. 
The Pixie of the forest is a kind little Pixie, no one really knows if the Pixie is a girl or boy, however the Pixie tends to all of the tiny birds of the forest, and places them back up in their nests if they fall out. The Pixie also calls on the forest mice to help her assist a baby deer stand, after the birth. Bats even come to the Pixie, if need be, to protect the wee Pixie. They will flash signs upward to the sky for help, and soon the sky is filled with bats who try to drive away any threat. If that does not work, the crows come to bombard the intruder with their sharp beaks, and lastly the owls, and they always take care of the matter!
You might see a little bearded man in his red suit flying above on a donkey, ahhhhh yes, keep your eyes open for that fellow! He is dearly loved by all. 
The forest creatures are very happy, so they decided to make a special place called "The Dancing Place." A wonderful spot to gather, to laugh, and tell stories of their day in the forest. Rapunzel's cottage is not far from this place. She tends to the sheep of the forest and spins their fine wooly-hair into golden threads. This was made for the beloved King Gnome "Ollamh's" finest clothing. The King watches over the forest too, and he carries many special powers. 
There is a garden in the forest village too! Everyone tends to the garden and eats from the garden. Florence Bunningtale is the bunny who picks the veggies and turns them into healing soups and stews. Her Grandpa "Sir Vancelot" passed on his knowledge to his granddaughter Florence, however he still cares for many who may have a bit of an ache or pain. 
Nearby is a walking trail, with a bridge over "Barby's Creek." Waterfalls always provide a musical and happy sound. The creatures of the forest love walking near water, and it all stems from "Finnian's Spring," an endless supply of fresh cool water. 
Cascading around the village is the magical caterpillar tree, and many of the very young creatures play hide and seek in that tree. There is always a nose here or there peeking from the caterpillar tree. Nearby is a magical flower garden and anyone who picks a flower from that garden will laugh with glee, and pass the flower on to another.... to continue the joy!
The hollow tree, so warm and inviting, where forest creatures can take a nap, or just peek through the holes to watch the other forest creatures play. And when wanting to explore or just get out of the rain, Manderson's Cave is just the place! One can only hope to catch a glimpse of this fine forest, and the tiny village......ahhhh yes, "Rodanta" ......a mystical, magical.......happy place! 
Copyright Barby Anderson 2015

 A bunny in her owl dress with a teeny bunny doll I needle felted for her.  It fits in a spoon it is so small.  Helen Visser Priem made the beautiful owls.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Needle Felted Bunting Bunny "Ruthie" By Barby Anderson

                               The lovely blue jay was made by Helen Visser Priem

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Needle Felted Baby Bunting Bunny By Barby Anderson (SOLD)

Abbey Rose Baby Bunting Bunny
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Needle Felted Bunny Music Box and Needle Felted Mouse By Barby Anderson (SOLD)

Owl by Helen Visser Priem

                             Crank handle above - House below by Liz Stevens.


Lace pantaloons

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Four 4" wool needle felted mice by Barby Anderson (ALL SOLD)

Above, Auggie and his bird in a sled.  The bird was made by dreamalittle7 and the house by Liz Stevens.
 Puddy Tat and her cat marionette.  The houses were made by Liz Stevens.  Below is Francie Mae and her doll marionette.

Cupcake a lace dressed mouse with her mouse marionette.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Florence Bunningtale Needle Felted Baby Bunny By Barby Anderson

Magnificent Blue Jay by Helen Visser Priem
Cute wee house by Liz Stevens

The story of Florence Bunningtale

Florence Bunningtale lives in the tiny forest village of “Rodanta,” however she often leaves the village to tend to anyone who needs her.  She has special powers, a gift, given to her by her very loving Grandpa, Sir Vancelot!  He was called this because he is one brave bunny, who in his day defended many a cabbage patch.  His ancestors hopped all the way to “Rodanta” from Scotland!  You can spot Grandpa Vancelot easily in the village, he is the one with the grand white whiskers, and a few even grow on his chinny chin chin.   

When Florence was very young, just a tiny sprite, she would go along with her Grandpa to help cure any ailing creature.  She often was there also to watch the Gnomes of the forest perform surgeries on the forest creatures.  And of course Grandpa Vancelot was there also, as he was to tend to anyone who was in pain and needed help.  He has magic fingers and could often cure a creature just by touching it! Florence was so wishing to be JUST like her Grandpa.
As Florence grew a bit, she learned how to make magical stews, soups and other things from the garden that grew in “Rodanta.”  But it was not just the vegetables that cured an ailing creature.  It was what Grandpa taught her to do AFTER she mashed the concoction together! 
Florence would place the veggies she picked in a little heart shaped bowl.  That bowl had power in itself, because it came from the “heart-o-plenty” tree.  As she carefully rested the veggies in the bowl, a magical dust would arouse from the pod and cover the veggies in a potent medicinal film.
Oh no, she was not finished yet!  Next she would take the bowl to the “Dancing Place” in the village, and dance all around the bowl of veggies.  Three hops forward, two hops backward, and then 20 times hopping in a circle!  This made her quite dizzy, however it was needed to complete the process.
She then, a bit tipsy, would carry the heart bowl back to her tiny stove, and she would cook the dust-covered veggies for exactly 4 and a half minutes.  No more, no less, or the concoction would fail.  She then removed the veggies from the bowl and mashed them with a magical acorn cap.  At last it was ready!  On this day, she was taking her special concoction to her dear Grandpa who needed a bit of eye surgery.  She sat with him until he ate all of her veggie stew.  In a couple days Grandpa Vancelot was as good as new! 
So the story goes in this tiny village of “Rodanta”…..a mystical…… magical….. happy place….

Tuesday, February 24, 2015