Monday, June 21, 2010

Meggie Mae 3" Needle Felted MOUSE (SOLD) My eBay ID is: barby303


*Ingrid* said...

Hi Barby I just see your beautiful pink Molly by Paulette,what a beautiful work you do!I love all your mouses....I go follow your blog too....

have a beautiful evening

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you so much Ingrid! =)

You too have a lovely evening or day?


Saskia said...

Oooooh.... lovely work on your blog!! I alos came from Paulette! :)

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Barby! Meggie Mae is sooo sweet! She looks like a younger little mouse. Just adorable! xo

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Barby,

I just found you through Beedeebaby......OMG, your creations are to die for. I love mousies, too!!!! I've been collecting little resin mice whenever I go over to England, but yours are so adorable and the detail......yikes. I'm definately gonna' follow you. Stop by and visit sometime.


Barby Anderson said...

Thank you Saskia and Meri! =)

Paulette I saw Molly on your blog and thank you for linking her to my blog. You are such a sweet friend!

Happy evening all!

Barby =)

Elaine Regina said...

Você tem mãos de fada.Seus trabalhos são maravilhosos.
Beijos. Elaine Regina

Janine said...

Hi Barbie, I know about you through Paulette.
And she is right , you make the most georgeous little creatures ever.
I love love love your work.
I am absolutly a´mazed.
Have a great week

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you Elaine and Janine! How nice of you to stop by and say such nice things. Paulette is a wonderful friend and I admire her work so very much. What talent she has!

Have a lovely evening!