Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lacy Lou 3" Needle Felted MOUSE (SOLD) My eBay ID is: barby303


Meri Wiley said...

Barby you might want to take a rest.......;o) When doing so much, do you have any issues with your hands? I so wish I had your talent!


*Ingrid* said...

again a little sweety Barby and I love pink!!

have a beautiful day

Bovary said...

Cudeńko !!! Śliczna myszka :))) Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem Twojego talentu !Pozdrawiam cieplutko :)

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you!

Meri, no I never rest. I work full time in my studio making mice each and every day...ok maybe Sunday off but then by Sunday night I get itchin' to make a mouse! They are just in me and want to come out! Maybe the souls of my white mice I raised so many years ago as a child! =)


Barby Anderson said...

Oops forgot to answer this. No my hands have held up quite nicely. I get carpal tunnel with many things but not when needle felting.

Beedeebabee said...

Barby, all the love and time you put into your little critters shows, they are all just so precious! Lacy Lou is no exception! xo Paulette

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you Paulette! Isn't it funny how wool takes on a different look on their faces? I needle felt the same way but they all look very different to me with their own personalities due to the wool deciding how it lays on the face.