Monday, January 17, 2011

Heidi Hare 3" Pawdling Bunny (SOLD) my ebay ID is barby303

The owls were made by Helen Priem!

One giant leap from her nest and the baby owl fluttered to the ground....
But goodness sakes, look what she landed by, a wee bunny she found!
The little barn owl tried to fly the bunny back to her soft owl nest...yes she tried and tried to do her best!
Down swooped the Mama owl as she knew something was wrong..... there was no way in Heaven that her wee babe's wings were that strong...
The owl Mama lifted the wee bunny onto her wing..... she knew where little creatures loved to sing....
She placed the baby bunny by a wee mouse's door, and knew the bunny would be cared for and happy forever more!

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