Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Cupcake" Needle Felted 3" Baby Fairy Bunny By Barby Anderson (SOLD)

Helen Priem made the magnificent owl, deer, Sandman and donkey!

Liz Stevens made the darling house.

MaidOfClay on Etsy made the stoneware bunny.


Sharon said...

So much cuteness! :) If you ever want a little bear for a mouse companion let me know, I would be so happy to make you one, you do wonderful things with photographing them all together. :) xxx

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I love the whole little worlds that you create for you mice, so darling.

Barby Anderson said...

Oh Sharon you are so sweet! I have two tiny bears from my friends but when I am in the market for another I will certainly save my money up for one! :) I love the Scottish bear you made Helen, so cute!

Thank you Joanne, I love your fabulous world of bears also! :)

Sharon said...

Thnk you Barby. :) The one I gave Helen was a gift when I won her wonderful Jackdaw to say thank you! Oh maybe we could do a swap sometime. :) I know your mice are much more valuable than my bears though! Xxx

Barby Anderson said...

Hi Sharon!

I wish I could do a swap but I have so many people asking to do that and I would feel guilty doing that after I had to say no to the other people. When I need a Scottish bear I will certainly email you tho and pay for it! :)