Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wool Needle Felted 3" mice by Barby Anderson (All sold)

The baby boar, owl and blue jay were made by Helen Priem.
The house was made by Liz Stevens.


Ксения Ушанова said...

What a wonderful mice and other little animals! I love them all. A year ago a began to make woolen houses and they were without inhabitans. Then I decided to make fairies, 'cus I can't do such cuties like you! It would be great if one day your wonderful animals and my houses meet! Ksenia from Kazakhstan. If you'd like to look at my works

Barby Anderson said...

Ohhhh your wool houses and fairies are so charming! You are very talented! I enjoyed looking at your site. It was nice meeting you Ksenia! :)