Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Four 4" wool needle felted mice by Barby Anderson (ALL SOLD)

Above, Auggie and his bird in a sled.  The bird was made by dreamalittle7 and the house by Liz Stevens.
 Puddy Tat and her cat marionette.  The houses were made by Liz Stevens.  Below is Francie Mae and her doll marionette.

Cupcake a lace dressed mouse with her mouse marionette.


Unknown said...

Hello Barbie,
I always love seeing your posts. The mice are adorable as always. Needle felting is such a whimsical art/talent. Love your creations. Are the houses by Liz new ones? I just love her little homes with all the pretty details. I have a heart for all things art and crafts. I never tire of looking.
Thanks for the smile today. Your little creations always bring smiles. Hope your day is a beautiful one. Mary

Barby Anderson said...

Hello Mary,

Oh goodness, thank you for all your lovely comments! I appreciate that.

The houses were made by Liz Stevens. She sadly passed away from cancer over a year ago, as did my best friend Helen Visser Priem who made the owls and cohorts for my mice and bunnies. Helen also died of cancer. My heart lost interest in creating from such sadness, however in time I knew I needed to move forward and continue on.
Thank you for stopping by!