Monday, May 3, 2010

Hannah 3" Needle Felted Mouse (SOLD) My ebay ID is: barby303

The cat was made by Bridget McCarty.


Lucys Baby said...

Hi Barby,
I just love your creations, especially your mice. The outfits are so creative. Just adorable.
I am also a empty nester, I am a RN,working part time. Oh how I wish I could make a living on my art, such a dream, any tips?

Barby Anderson said...

Hello and thank you for your kind words! How admirable being an RN! You must be a kind and caring person.

Advice on making a living at your art? LONG hours, fun yet hard work and loving what you do. I work 12 plus hours a day and many long hours. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!! I started in 2006 and slowly built a customer base and now have a solid group of wonderful collectors who buy my critters. have to have extreme drive and dedication to start a business, well at least if you want to make a living at it. I plan to only work 8 hour days this summer and maybe less since I have a good start now. Being your own boss is fun but I always expect more from myself.

Belief, believing that you WILL be successful no matter what! SOOO many elements in starting a business, bookkeeping, computers, studio space etc. I know this sounds difficult, and it was in the beginning however I love every minute of this business! I am home, breathing the fresh air outside needle felting and listening to the birds sing. Life is grand! I wish you much success in achieving your dream too! =)

Best wishes,


Beedeebabee said...

Barby, Hannah is so adorable! I love your props too. All of the little creations you picture with your mice go so perfectly! I melt when I look at those faces!!!...I love the advice you gave Lucys Baby...I'll remember it myself also! Hope you had a really great day! xo Paulette

Barby Anderson said...

Hi Paulette!

I love making props for the mice. They are so tiny tho and it can be challenging for older "Grammy" hands.

I have had people ask how to make a living at what you love. But that almost answers their question. When you decide to do what you love and put everything into that goal of staying home and doing what you love...well one is bound to be successful. I work long hours but love each and every minute of it. I think that is key. It seems like I am not working! You surely found your talent in the artful lovely pins you make. I cherish the 2 I have!

Take care my dear,