Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lindy Lou 3" Needle Felted MOUSE (SOLD) My ebay ID is: barby303

The house was made by Liz Stevens.


Beedeebabee said...

Oh my gosh, just look at those little overalls! Darling with a capital "D"! I love how Lindy Lou has her eyes closed...sooo adorable! Love, love, love!!!

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you my dear! I am having such fun with leaves, flowers, lace and all kinds of things! I just found handmade buttons too on Etsy and I LOVE them!!! =)

Amiga das Noivas said...

I am from Brazil and I am absolutely in love with this mice. How can I get them? I'm going to the US next month.
Thank you!

Barby Anderson said...

Hello Mari!

Thank you for your nice words about my work. I only sell my mice on ebay auctions and do not sell internationally now. Wish I could but I had to shorten my hours a bit. You can go to my ebay store to see what is listed when you are in the USA and I can ship to the USA. My auctions are 7 day auctions. I have never had any mice in my home to sell, they have all sold on the ebay auctions. I stopped taking special orders because my work hours were so long and I could not keep up with orders. Selling on ebay auctions is the best for me now. =) This is my ebay link below and thank you for emailing!


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