Monday, February 14, 2011

Berrianna 3-1/2" Needle Felted Mouse By Barby Anderson (SOLD)

In it not an uncommon occurrence to see wee forest mice from the village of "Rodanta" helping out with the other forest creatures. Often the Gnomes of the forest ask them to help out. This wee mouse is off to help a squirrel who needed some berries for a cold he has been suffering with. She mashes the berries with her wee feet (hence the berry colored shoes), added just a touch of honey, a pinch of her magical powders and made it into a thick paste for the squirrel. If the squirrel is too sick to open his mouth for the paste she tickles his chin and it opens just enough for the mouse to wipe some berry paste on his tongue. "Berrianna" loves to carry the berry paste in her favorite owl bag as the owls of the forest protect her. After she has treated the sick squirrel she stays with him to be sure he is better and then returns home to enjoy a berry pie with her family. There are many tasks the wee mice of the village tend to and "Berrianna" is one of the kindest of them all.

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