Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cookie 3-1/2" Gnome lovin' MOUSE Needle Felted By Barby Anderson (not for sale)

The Mama Gnome was made by Helen Priem!

Cookie loves her new pussy willow nest bed.


marja said...

so cute!!!!!
I love it!!!!

Sarah Catherine Morris said...

How long does it take you to make your little mice? they're very pretty :)

Sharon said...

Very cute as ever. :)

Barby Anderson said...

Thank you Marja, Sarah and Sharon!

Sarah, it depends on what clothing the mouse is wearing. Anywhere from 4-6 hours.

Sarah Catherine Morris said...

4-6 HOURS!?! It would take me 4-6 months! lol :)

Barby Anderson said... it wouldn't Sarah. Many of the people who take my classes have their critters done in a day. Remember they are only 3 inches tall. :)

Sarah Catherine Morris said...

haha! no really it would take me months ;)

Can I ask you a question? they little needle felt things I've been making are just amateur, I was going to try and make a bird, with a wire armature, for the first time, do your mice have wire inside? are their little paws wire wrapped with cotton? If they are how do you do that? is it just a case of covering the wire with some glue and then wrapping the cotton?
Does needle felting with wire armatures become easier with time? cos its really bugging me!
Any help is great, thanks :)

Barby Anderson said...

Hello Sarah!

I would have been so happy to help you with all of your questions except one thing. My paying customers would be very angry if I gave away free info when I sell it in my classes. I used to email people all the time explaining how I do things but I cannot anymore due to my classes and paying customers. I hope you are not offended but you can see where they would not be happy when they paid for my class. I am so sorry.